1st Gen

1st Gen is a Record Label founded by creatives looking to herald a new guard in music. Founders Anthony Kilhoffer & Matthew Miz have a vision to bring the music business back to its roots by empowering individuality (in creatives and consumers alike) to lead the label. 

1st Gen has teams on the ground across 10 different Universities composed of students seeking experience in music, fashion, design, marketing, etc. By maintaining direct access and dialogues with the spectrum of american youth, we hope to enable young individuals with talent and vision to see themselves as more than just a “target demographic,” and rather as creative leaders.

The Players:
Anthony Kilhoffer, 4-time Grammy award winner best known for working as Kanye’s producer/engineer and discovering/managing Travis Scott, has  always had an eye for who will be the next breakthrough artist - 1st Gen brings that ability to life.

Matthew Miz, a young hustler medical school dropout, proved to Kilhoffer he was the right teammate to run 1st Gen after a brief internship over his summer break. He put everything he has on the line to make the vision of 1st Gen a reality.